Isopane Alarm-ESG

Isopane Alarm-ESG is toughened safety glass with an electrical conductor loop that is printed by screen printing, the enamelled in and connected with an alarm system. If the pane shatters, e.g. when subject to violence from the outside, the conductor loop is interrupted, thus triggering an alarm (VdS test number G 107072).

The terminal resistance of an Alarm-ESG pane does not depend on the size of the glass. Depending on the type, loop resistance is between 1 and 6 Ohm and is stated on the pane sticker. The advantage of this system when rating the alarm system is that it has approximately the same ohmic resistance, regardless of the surface area involved. The maximum current load may not exceed 0.1 A.

Installation of the glazing must comply with the general glazing guidelines "Isopane Alarm-ESG" together with the VDE 0833 and DIN 57833 guidelines for the installation of electrical systems, as well as with the VdS guidelines.