Factory V has a daily output of approx. 3,000 ISOPANE functional glass products on three production lines in multiple shifts for the Dutch and Belgian market.

Factory VI produces flat glass in thicknesses of 4 to 12 mm with maximum dimensions of 280.00 x 600.00 cm as heat-strengthened glass. Modern grinding machines ensure here that all grinding work is carried out swiftly and in top quality. One heat-soaking furnace (H-test) are available for special requirements in facade construction or when using glass in building construction. A laminated safety glass line completes the extensive product range of safety glass for the whole sector of building security and personal protection. The line is rated for pane thicknesses of up to 80 mm and dimensions of up to 250.00 x 600.00 cm. Several CNC and NC glass processing machines ensure swift, top quality completion of all grinding work.